Rental fees are due in full at the time of booking. All payments are final.

studio policies


Cancellations / reschedules:


Renter agrees to report any and all damages to the studio immediately after rental period (even if damage was present upon arrival). Renter accepts responsibility for any and all damage to the Studio's property or equipment that happens during their rental time and will be charged accordingly.

Payments are made in full and are non-refundable. Reschedules are only considered if requested 7 days (1 week) prior to your original start time. If approved, Renter must choose a new date within 60 days of original booking based on availability.

furniture & equipment:

Renter acknowledges and understands that furniture selection is not guaranteed at any time and is subject to change. The studio will try their best to provide all equipment in working order and notify of items not in order. Renter agrees to notify the studio of any issues or damage to equipment provided. Renter also agrees to not utilize any products that may cause damage to the studio walls or ceilings when hanging items.


Renter agrees that no illegal drug, substance use, or selling of such items will occur on premises at any time. Renter agrees that no smoking or vaping will be of use in the studio. Renter will incur a $200 charge if the no-smoking (vape included) is not followed. Renter is responsible for serving alcohol to clients and assuring they are 21 years of age. Renter agrees to throw away all food brought into the studio.


Renter agrees to not use smoke bombs, have champagne sprays, or paint during their rental period. Renter may use confetti is cleaned up entirely. Renters who use any of the above items or leave a mess will incur a cleaning fee of $100.

If there are no trash bags or if trash is full, please let studio owner know immediately. If the bed is used, Renter agrees to take off the old sheets and replace with a clean pair provided on the shelf of the studio, wipe down furniture, swifter floors, and lock up. Renter will leave the studio in the same condition/cleanliness as when entered.


Renter agrees that they are the sole renter of the studio. Renter CANNOT rent the studio to other photographers or users and cannot profit in any way from the studio outside of the session they are photographing / blogging.‚Äč

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*You can find the studio terms & conditions here.

"I may just have to move into the studio"

-Kyleigh Danielle photo

"The perfect space for boudoir marathons"


"we needed a studio in the south hills"